Is milk essential in our diet?


Naturopathy by Savvas Ioannides N.D.

Some are led to believe that the avoidance of milk and dairy products will cause calcium deficiency, which is needed for healthy bones. However, evidence now support the health benefits of the reduction or avoidance of dairy products even though you are not allergic. Antibiotics and hormones are leaking into our milk due to modern farming, breeding and processing methods. Pasteurisation destroys many essential enzymes and the removal of fat as in skim milk removes the fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and D.

Dairy products have been associated with allergies, eczema, dermatitis, acne, sinus problems and respiratory mucus congestion. Many people suffer from lactose intolerance &/or milk allergy.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, a sugar found naturally in milk and milk products, due to the luck or deficiency of lactase levels. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose, is produced by the small…

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